Castello Restaurant

This building has first been mentioned in early Tallinn land registry in 1364 as a “Corner Building“, marking Ludekinus Wilde as the owner. Built in late Gothic style, the estate belonged to merchants, including those who belonged to the town council during 14th to 19th centuries. In the second half of the 18th century the estate was extensively rebuilt in Baroque style, maintaining the late Gothic appearance in details – stone carvings in portals and windows, supporting pillars, vaulted basement etc. In 1807 Imperial University of Tartu became the owner of the estate and two originally separate buildings were united. In 1873 – 1934 the building served as a location for a Russian Elementary School (a predecessor to the current Tallinn Tynismäe (Science School) that earned the title of Empress Catherine II Town School for its 100th anniversary in 1889. In 1924 the estate became the property of Estonian Republic and in 1936 that of the Tallinn city government. During the Second World War, the Russian School once more moved back into the building and after the war the building served as a location for different vocational schools until 1993.In 1996 the building was registered as a cultural heritage site. Today the building has been wisely restructured making it possible to view one of the only examples of medieval construction, original in all its elements.


Castello Restaurant

The Restaurant produces and serves typical dishes of traditional Italian cuisine, carefully prepared in every detail by our Chef de Cousine. The typical products used are all of the highest quality and of Italian origin.